Seattle Times- unquestionably my favorite city in the entire world

Seattle– a city that I never could get sick of exploring.  I never thought I could fall in love so quickly.

I hadn’t really followed the Seattle Times until.. (music please), I saw the Rock N’ Roll Marathon pictures on the front of the Sunday Seattle Times.  I ran that Marathon and although I didn’t see any pictures of myself (I’d be too lucky), it was a newspaper I would always keep.  Now, if I could only find it.

Right smack dab on the front of the website, Seattle Times has a Blog link.  Click that.

You are led to eight different kinds of blogs all divided into Business and Technology, Opinion, Entertainment, Living, Local, Nation/World, Sport, and Travel.  After reviewing each, it looks as if these are beats assigned to Seattle Times reporters whom report weekly on their given topic.

On the right side of the Blogs page, there is a forum link.  Click that and you are led to community discussions that are started by commentators.  Of course, you can comment on the blogs in this part of the website.  Wow, there is so much to explore on this website.  No offense to but this website makes them seem like a wash.

I’m constantly interested.

On the bottom right hand side of the page, you can see most read, most commented, and most emailed.  It weeds out the less-important that you might not want to read about.  I like this filter system.

I like the forum discussion part of this website.  It gives the readers a chance to bring up any questions or debates about the area just in case it’s a topic that hasn’t been covered yet.  On the other side of that comment, it’s a way for news to come to the reporter.. instead of the reporter racking their brain looking for it.  Maybe?

Looks like it’s working.

Click here for the blog portion of the Seattle times.


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