Tweeting for the Seattle Times

I hate Twitter.

No, really I do.

It’s just another social network to keep up on.

But in the last week, I’ve watched my Twitter, really trying to like Twitter and see what it offers as opposed to email and Facebook.

Of course, I’m following every Seattle Times account on Twitter.  And so, today I found a reason why I like Twitter.  To answer the question of how many Twitter accounts the Seattle Times has, it has nine accounts which aren’t all updated in a timely manner.  For instance, they have an account called Seattle Times Photo.  The last update was August 31, 2010.  But the last update is what made me sort-of like Twitter.  The last Tweet, was of a homeless Mother and Son and the link, directed me to the Seattle Times website to view the entire article and photo’s.  Click here for the full story.

Or another example, a photo to the Perseid Meteor Shower.  Absolutely breath-taking.

I would have never seen those things if I would have directly went to the website, let alone to even think to search for photo’s like that.

The main Seattle Times twitter page updates sometimes every 12 hours or every hour.  Of course, yesterday was a bit crazy with it being the Super Bowl and everything.

As far as the rest of the pages, they are broken up into individual beats such as sports, business, opinions, life, and breaking news.  There is even a page dedicated to writing about the American Idol TV show but it hasn’t been updated since September.

So, I guess I’m turning my opinion around.  I like being able to have just a few stories thrown at me at a time, determine whether or not it’s something I would be interested in and filter it that way.  I would have never seen the invisible families post or the meteor shower post if it weren’t for Twitter.

Sometimes you want to read the news but aren’t sure of what you’re looking for that interests you, Facebook and Twitter are both social media outlets that allow that to a certain degree.

Now I just need to download Tweetdeck.