A2 local foods and surrounding areas

I am very passionate about purchasing and/or digesting anything local.

I firmly believe in the necessitation to try and keep our purchases local.  Thus, purchasing locally, that money goes back into aiding the local economy.

Therefore, I chose to start a fan page on Facebook called A2 local food & surrounding areas.  The purpose of the page was to showcase local food movements, local restaurants, local food events, local chefs, and post the updates from the Ann Arbor Farmers Market.  I want the page to be that one stop shop if you want all news on local food, you go there to get your updates.

My strategy, more or less was to post facebook and twitter updates requesting my friends to follow my page.  Also, used the word technique and talked to my friends to like/follow my page.

There is a blog called the Farmers Marketer and I’ve wanted to model my pages behind her blog but in a facebook/twitter social media outlet.

On this page, I also offered for the fans to post on the page of things they comes across as well.  As of yet, I have 28 fans and was able with some of them about Selma Cafe.

I included things about Selma, the Farmers Market, and the local food summit that took place last week.  I’m still updating it as I come across things.

On Twitter, I started an account named A2localfoods and although I posted most of the same things there, it hasn’t gotten as many followers as I’d like.  I’ve always been better at using Facebook then Twitter.

Aside from this project, I do plan on keeping up with the facebook part of it.  I was very motivated by the fans and how I was able to interact with them.  Now, I just need to find a new facebook profile picture. 🙂


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