Seattle times/ how it links.

For the most part, Seattle Times doesn’t link to their actual news stories unless they are pulling it from other news sources.

However, for opinion pieces and blogs, the writers will link to specific topics they are referring to.  For example, Brier Dudley’s blog links to specific topics most of the time.  His latest blog post which is titled “Microsoft partners made $580 billion last year, IDC says,” lead says “Microsoft must be getting tired of all those stories about Apple app developers striking it rich” and then providing a link to an article by Julie Weed, Special to the Seattle Times.  Her article which titled “Lots of small ways apps can make big money,” provides another link further down the page when describing how small businesses can be matched with translators. And that’s where the trail ends… 🙂

Seattle Times also doesn’t open a brand new window to see these links, it transfers you to the site within the same tab.  I think this is something they can improve upon because not everyone wants to completely deviate from the original article.  And many times, if deviated, users won’t have the motivation to continue looking for the original article they started from.

Seattle Times does use shells and on the main page, has links at the very top that is of interest to the general user.  These topics include local, nation/world, business/tech, sports, entertainment, living, travel, and opinion.  And on the right hand side, in a light blue bar, (the other topics are in a dark blue bar), you will see: shopping, jobs, auto, homes, rental, classifieds, buy ads.  These topics are in the light blue bar due to their lesser importance of the first set of topics.

On their home, local page, the shell I believe would be referred to as a story shell according to Foust.  The front page depicts a story on an investigation entitled “Bed Brokers scramble to cash in on home placements.” On the bottom of the box for the story, it links to the series.

I have not found any links that don’t work yet.

Nancy Leson, a restaurant/food blogger for the Seattle Times has a blog entitled “Why I love our Asian Markets,” and it links to five Asian markets. Only I thought, that maybe that link would actually link to a website of five Asian markets in Seattle.  It doesn’t.  It only links to another blog of Leson’s entitled “A region rich in Asian markets.” The original link has a false interpretation making the user think a.) there are five Asian markets in Seattle and b:) the link provided will indeed link you to a site for these five Asian market that do not exist!  Yes, five Asian markets are profiled but with a simple google search, you will find many other Asian markets missing such as Paldo World.

Seattle Times does at best, invest a lot in links but more in opinions and blog pieces throughout the website.


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